Want to have a Food Font event?

Making Food Alphabets is a great activity to do with any group and for all ages. Food font alphabets have been created at Farmers Markets, schools, public events, and with family and friends.


Use the Food Alphabet Directions file for instructions and tips of how to create a food alphabet.  An alphabet can be made out of any type or combination of food, and you take pictures of each letter created.

After you create the alphabet, you can submit the alphabet to the Food Font site.  Review the Submission Directions file for instructions on how to prepare your files. When ready to submit your files, fill out the Alphabet Submission Form.

Your alphabet will then be added to the Food Font downloads area, in the printable .pdf, Microsoft Word, and jpeg formats.

Here are some resources to help you with your event:

Food Alphabet Directions - Supply list and directions of how to make Food Alphabets.
Food Alphabet Directions.pdf file

Food Font Signs – Signs that outline each step of the Food Font activity.
Food Font Activity Signs – (.zip file)

Poster Sample – A sample poster you can edit to promote your Food Font event.
Poster Sample – (editable Microsoft Word file)

Promo Images – Some images you can use to promote your Food Font event.
Promotional Images – (zip file)