Alphabet Magnets

food-font-magnetYou can use the printable alphabets to make magnets, by laminating them and attaching magnets to the back.


Materials Needed:

  • Paper to print the food alphabet letters onto (We recommend using white cardstock, but regular paper will do)
  • Laminate material
  • Magnets (magnet tape is easy to use)
  • Scissors or Cutting Board


Celebrity Cocktail DressesDirections:

  1. Download one of of the Food Font alphabets that you want to print.(We like the 3 inch Summer Vegetable Alphabetor Summer Veggie food alphabets, but you can also choose your own.)
  2. Print the Food Font alphabet onto your paper.
  3. Laminate your paper. You can laminate the whole sheet, or go to step 4 and cut apart each letter before you laminate it.
  4. Cut each letter using either a scissors or cutting board, cutting on the grey outlines. (each letter is a 3 inch square.)

You now have a set of Food Font alphabet letter magnets!


Cheap Wedding Dresses Online - Shop Prom and Evening Gowns at FoxGownActivities to do with the Alphabet Magnets:

Sort magnetic letters by color.

Great for the beginning of the school year, or just for a quick review of colors at any time. 

Sort magnetic letters by shape.

Letters with curves (a,b,c, etc) go in one pile, and letters with straight lines (aka “sticks” – k,l,t, etc.) go in another. 

Sort by vowel/consonant.

This is a harder twist on the first two sorting activities.

Write your name.

You could always start this activity by providing your kids with their name written out. It could be large enough for them to physically place the letters over the written ones, or smaller so that they use it as a guide and have to arrange their magnets on their own. Kids already pros at their names? Write your friends names!

Put the letters in ABC order.

Practice singing the ABCs – as you find the letters! Children could easily work together to put the letters in order as they sing the song to help them. Provide a strip with the alphabet written out to make this easier, or have students do it independently for more of a challenge.


Submit to the Gallery

We would love to learn how you use the alphabets at home! You can later submit what you make to the Food Font project gallery.