Q: Who can use the Food Font alphabets?

A. Anyone can use the Food Font alphabets in both the printable and digital forms.  You do not have to create a food alphabet to use the alphabets.


Q: Can I use  Food Font alphabets and sell what I make?

A: All Food Alphabets files from  the Food Font Project are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  You can use the alphabet images and files but you must mention the project and where the images came from in documentation, promotion, labels, etc.  You also can sell what you make if you wish.


Q: What is the Food Font project for?

A: Food Font is a creative project started by artist Kristen Baumlier.  The project has several goals which include:

1. To help facilitate engaging activities that support awareness and education about food and health.

2. To support the development of local community, collective creative activities

3.  Provide both printable and digital images that can be used in design creation to support dialogue about food and health

4. To create dialogue and awareness about food through the online gallery, and use of the printed materials that can be saved, printed, and shared with others.