Food Font Letters and Signs

IMG_3714Are you having an event about food or nutrition?

The Food Font alphabet 6 inch printables are a great fun way to get your nutrition or food-focused signs or bulletin board started for your event.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper to print the food alphabet letters onto (We recommend using white cardstock, but regular paper will do)
  • Scissors or Cutting Board


V Neck Bridesmaid DressesDirections:

  1. Download one of of the Food Font alphabets that you want to print.(We like Summer Vegetable Alphabet or Summer Veggie food alphabets, but you can also choose your own.)
  2. Print the Food Font alphabet onto white paper or cardstock.
  3. Cut each letter using either a scissors or cutting board, cutting on the grey outlines. (each letter is a 6 inch square.)
  4. Organize your letters on a table, and put them in order of how you want to put them on the board.