Make Community Alphabets

If you’re looking for an activity that’s fun, unique and for all ages, this one is great.  Most of the Food Font alphabets were created at public community events, so you can organize one to and send us what you make!

DSC08401Materials Needed

  • White paper to make the letters on
  • Some type of food (Maybe use a local food, vegetables that are in season, or other food that would be fun and easy to use)
  • A printout of the Alphabet chart and Checklist that you can print and have  nearby for your people to use as a reference.
  • For younger children, it can be helpful to use this printout of alphabet outlines, where they have a printed letterform to work on top of.
  • Optional:  A large white piece of paper or board to work on, this helps with taking great pictures if you want to submit your alphabet to the Food Font project.
  • Optional:  Use this detailed Food Font Alphabet Directions file for instructions and tips of how to create a food alphabet, if you want more information or photography tips.



  1.  Make sure that you have a alphabet checklist nearby, so that your child can refer to the letters when making letterforms.
  2. To get started, you can try using veggie sticks, potato sticks and/or pretzel pieces to make letters. Your child can use the pieces as is or bite them into shape.  Make sure you have  your alphabet chart around for reference.You also can use other foods, like carrots, dried beans, grapes, crackers, or other food around the kitchen. (or even candy canes!)
  3. As you make each letter, you can have your child sound out the letter.  You can also talk about what things start with the letter. (What starts with the letter O?)


Participate in Food Font

DSC08384If you want to participate in Food Font and submit the alphabet that you make, you can take pictures of each letter as you do the activity.

  1. Set your camera to the high quality JPEG setting.
  2. Take a picture of each letter from a bird’s eye view (directly above the letter.)
  3. When you are done making your alphabet, submit the images to the Food Font project.  We will edit the images, and they can become part of the Food Font alphabet gallery!


Sending in Your Images

  1. Review the Submission Directions file for instructions on how to prepare your files.
  2. When ready to submit your files, fill out the Food Font Alphabet Submission Form.
  3. We will write back to you, and will let you know when your alphabet will be added to the Food Font downloads area, in the printable .pdf, Microsoft Word, and jpeg formats.