Printable Free Alphabet Templates

So what can you use the free food alphabets for?  There are many ways to use Food Font alphabets at home and in the classroom.

Are any of the following on your list?


Free alphabet templates can be used to dress up your scrapbooking projects. For example, you can stencil out an individual’s name or an event title. You can also cut apart and use as shapes and design elements on pages.

Room Decorations

Personalize your child’s bedroom with room decorations.  You can make  mobiles, room signs, door hangers, photo frames and other projects.


Free alphabet templates are also great for a large number of craft projects. A set of Food Font alphabet cards could make a great back to school gift for your child’s new teacher. These free alphabet templates could also be used by your child to make homemade gifts for the holiday season.


If you have a child  learning his or her letters, free alphabet templates are a  great learning tool. There are many games and activities that you can do that you can read about on this games and activity page.

craft1inchGot some ideas? Follow these directions to get started.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper to print the food alphabet letters onto
  • Scissors or Cutting Board


  1. Download one of of the Food Font alphabets that you want to print.(We like Summer Vegetable Alphabetor Summer Veggie food alphabets, but you can also choose your own.) There are 3 sizes of letters – the 1 inch, 3 inch, and 6 inch. Download the size you want to work with.
  2. Print the Food Font alphabet onto white paper or cardstock.
  3. Cut each letter using either a scissors or cutting board, cutting on the grey outlines. (each letter is a 3 inch square.)
  4. You now have a set of alphabet letters that you can use for creative projects!


Submit to the Gallery

We would love to learn how you use the alphabets at home! You can later submit what you make to the Food Font project gallery.