Food Font at Pepperfest September 27th in Chapel Hill, NC

Food Font will be at Pepperfest on Sunday, September 27, 2015, 3 – 5 pm.  We will be making a food alphabet out of local food, which of course will be peppers!

PepperFest is a celebration of sustainable agriculture, farmers, and the creativity of the Piedmont’s chefs, brewers and artisans.  It’s an outdoor Fall event and around 1300+ folks come out to enjoy the music and revelry and fill up on delicious pepper-themed dishes.  Pepperfest is organized by the amazing The Abundance Foundation and  is located at Great Meadow Park at Briar Chapel, Chapel Hill, NC.

Come stop by and say hi – and make a letter!  For more information on Pepperfest you can goto
Food Font is an art project where people can make alphabets out of food, take pictures of each letter, and later use these and other food alphabets to create images and other creative projects.

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