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Name of Alphabet: Peppers NC Alphabet
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Created by: Visitors to the Pepper Festival 2015

Other information:

Food Font was at Pepperfest on Sunday, September 27, 2015.  Visitors made letters out of local peppers and we made two alphabets at the event.

PepperFest is a celebration of sustainable agriculture, farmers, and the creativity of the Piedmont that celebrates community and pepper-themed dishes.  Pepperfest is organized by The Abundance Foundation.  For more information on Pepperfest you can goto

Letters were made from local organic fresh peppers grown in North Carolina.  Peppers were from Granite Springs, Paz, Penny Lane, and Piedmont Biofarm.

Alphabet Downloads:

Printable .pdf files with cutting guides
1 inch letters   |    3 inch letters  |   6 inch letters 

Printable .pdf files
1 inch letters   |    3 inch letters  |   6 inch letters 

Editable and Printable Microsoft Word .docxs files
1 inch   |    3 inch  |   6 inch

6 inch 150 dpi Jpeg files 
.zip file

Creative Commons License
All Food Alphabets files from  the Food Font Project are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  (You can use the alphabet images and files but you must mention the project and where the images came from in documentation, promotion, labels, etc.  You also can sell what you make if you wish.)

Food Font is an art project where people can make alphabets out of food, take pictures of each letter, and later use these and other food alphabets to create images and other creative projects.

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