Over 1500 Food Letters are ready to be used!

The food alphabets that have been submitted to the Food Font project are now available for download. Use the printables or download jpeg images to use with online interactive tools!

Food Font is an art project that is designed to support dialogue and build communities around food, health, and sustainability. Food Font allows you to contribute to and use a library of food alphabets.

The food alphabets are available for anyone to download and use.  You can print them out and work on paper, make images in Microsoft Word, or use free interactive design tools to make images that can be printed, saved, or shared. The alphabet files can also be accessed from Flickr.  You can later submit what you make to the Food Font project gallery.

You can also create and submit food alphabets to the project for others to use. You can use any kind of food to create food alphabets, take pictures of each letter, and submit the alphabet for all to use for any creative project.  If you want to organize your own Food Font event in your community, school, business, or market there are event resources to get you started. Why not play and write with your food?