Current Press Release

Food Font, a Growing Collection of Over 1200 Food Letters Are Now Available to Use, July 15 2015 (.pdf file)

Promotional Images:

Food Font Promotional Images (.zip folder of jpegs)

Past Press Releases:

Artist is Making an Alphabet out of Food from Local Food Trucks August 24, 2012 (.pdf file)

Food Font – Press Release August 13, 2012 (.pdf file)



August 22, 2012 Food Font Community Project Aims to Support Local Food Movement – Inhabitots website

August 16, 2012 A Whole New Way to Eat Your Words on  Blog

August 1, 2012 Out and About: Food Font at Weaver Street Market on
Food Font – Play and Write With Your Food

July 17, 2012 Food Font in the Buffalo News
Food Font Comes to Buffalo

July 27, 2012  Food Font mentioned on WCOM radio in Carrboro, NC Weekend Report.
Listen to the radio show segment.