You can make your own signs and creative printed projects using Microsoft Word.  We have prepared  Food Font Microsoft Word Editable files, where images are in a Microsoft Word (.docx) file.  You are able to copy, paste, delete, and copy letters to create images that you can save and print.



  • A computer with Microsoft Word installed
  • Downloads of some Food Font Microsoft Word files



Step 1  Goto the Food Font Downloads area, and navigate to a food alphabet that you want to use.  Click and download the Microsoft Word (.docx) version of each alphabet you want to work with..

Step 2
On your computer, open Microsoft Word, and open your downloaded files.

Step 3
 Create a new document.

Step 4
 Copy and paste each the letters from the downloaded alphabet file into your new file that you want to work with.


Step 5
 Resize, move, and adjust letters in your new file.


Step 6.
  Continue to edit your file by using copy, paste, and moving your letters in your file.  When done, save your file.

Step 7  You can now print, or send your file!


Class Activity ideas:

  • Have students create images where they create slogans about food
  • Create posters for the classroom about food and nutrition
  • Create posters about healthy, unhealthy, or “sometimes” food