Food Font – Kbaumlier Back, Rested, and Ready to Go

Ok, I’ve started rooting.  It’s been what seems like a long journey to get here, but it is so worth it. This summer we relocated to Durham, North Carolina, and spent the summer looking for a new house, getting setup with new accounts, ids, etc; buying a new house, moving out of our summer apartment, moving into a new house, and finally unpacking a new house.  All of this went on while having to use a GPS and Google daily to find and navigate to new places.

The studio itself is not done.  I am waiting for the shoe molding to get done on the new floor.  I have to touchup the painting I did on the top edge of the room.  But – I feel grounded and rested enough to jump back in to writing on my blog and developing Food Font.

I love North Carolina, the new people I am meeting, and new places I go to.   These weekend is our first “vacation” from moving,” and we are heading to the beach, which is only 2.5 hours away.  But – the big news is that I am back, somewhat rested, and ready to go.

I am going to be following up on some potential Food Fonts in the local area, and getting input on the Food Font design document, which I put a lot of work into this summer.

New Food Font events in the future include using edible weeds, honey, and maybe peanut butter!


Food Font is an art project where people can make alphabets out of food, take pictures of each letter, and later use these and other food alphabets to create images and other creative projects.

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